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UI Thoughts

I think the UI is excellent and smooth as it is in its current state and should continue improving. I like the contrast and simplicity. Here’s what I think should be added or looked into:

- A better looking or possibly different location for the online switch. Maybe on the bottoms center or right hand corner.

- Going into your profiles shows your top 5 or 10 uploaded pictures for people to see

- Maybe consider a approach to approval with photographers filling out a form that explains what gear was used to capture that photograph along with a link to that photo on your portfolio or social media.

- Consider having the photographers social media or portfolio link when businesses book photographers.

- Continue expanding and adding new gear and kit options. I couldn’t find my Fujifilm Camera nor lens on the list

- Consider having an option for shorter time period? Depending on what type of work is involved there should be a price difference. For an event for example, depending how big it is and how much work a photographer must do that could get negotiated beforehand or could be a set price for it.

- In the possibility that something happens to gear maybe there should be a type of insurance?

Hope you guys find this useful!

  • Cesar D
  • Jul 9 2019
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  • Admin
    Andrew Wise commented
    9 Jul, 2019 12:20pm

    Cesar, all amazing suggestions, some initial thoughts:


    - The switch we can definitely make more visible

    - For the overall booking process, we want to eliminate any customer bias or indecision by not showing the photographers' portfolio prior to booking, which could lead to customers cancelling. The same way you expect your driver from Uber/Lyft to be professional, safe, etc. is the same approach we are taking to approving photographers.

    - The kits need to be updated so we have all types of camera gear. We initially started with the most popular 50 pieces of gear from the last 5 years but obviously have gaps to fill

    - For the time period bookings, we have "add 1 hour" and in the future will allow customers to book for longer, but for this initial Beta, the goal is to get 1 hour sessions nailed. Then expand into future bookings, longer sessions, etc.

    - Insurance is a great concept, this is something we may offer to photographers who have completed X number of jobs and get some sort of further verification